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    Elisha Fleig - Class of 2013

    Major: Physician Assistant Science and Spanish

    I pursued an education at Saint Francis for the PA program, and I certainly was not disappointed. Along the way, I joined the Honors program and picked up a second major in Spanish. These were challenging decisions, but significant and shaping nonetheless. My Spanish allowed me to travel abroad and study in Spain, along with taking two medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic to translate and assist the medical providers. The Honors program allowed my passion for research to flourish. Then during the past year as I've completed my Masters degree, I've been able to assist in many incredible medical cases and sharpen my knowledge and skills as a soon-to-be physician assistant. I even got to use my Spanish skills on many occasions throughout my rotations, which set me apart from other job candidates.

    Mr. Eric Horell - Class of 2013

    Major: English

    The distance between the library and Scotus Hall is one hundred yards, give or take, but walking between the two can take upwards to an hour on any given day; you simply run into too many people who take an interest in your life. Fellow club officers spot you and quickly make plans to meet up about promoting the next event. Professors—both in your major and ones you’ve only ever had for a Gen Ed—see you and ask about classes,life, and plans after graduation. Friars notice you and stop if only to wish you a good day. Administrators, coaches, Greeks, athletes . . . even if they don’t know your name, it seems like everyone at least recognizes you as a fellow Red Flash member and therefore takes a shared interest in your well-being. Because the community takes an interest in you, both professionally and personally, you in turn reciprocate the respect found throughout Saint Francis University. You want to improve the university as much as it has improved you. As a senior, I hope my graduating class and I may leave a positive legacy for a school that has done so much for us.

    While I am still unsure of my future, it is not for want of options: I have been accepted to the graduate program at Emerson College in Boston, I have been invited to interview for a position teaching English for a year in China, or I may enter the job market with a resume that includes several conference presentations and national publications. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such a dilemma, and I owe it to the efforts of my family at Saint Francis. While the walk from the library to Scotus may take longer than one expects, the four year journey from freshman to senior feels like it took mere minutes, so I know I’ve enjoyed the trip.,_Communication_Arts_and_Foreign_Languages/Success_Stories/elizabeth-wheeler.jpg

    Ms. Elizabeth Wheeler - Class of 2013

    Major: Middle Childhood Education with English concentration

    Minor: Fine Arts

    During my college search, there came a moment when I just knew that Saint Francis University was where I was supposed to be, where I wanted and needed to be. Not for a second of the past four years have I regretted that decision. Here at Saint Francis, I have literally had the opportunity to reach higher and go far—farther than my wildest dreams. Through the study abroad programs here on campus, I have had the opportunity to spend two months in Italy and four in France. My time abroad has opened doors to new languages and cultures, new opportunities at home and abroad, and friendships that stretch beyond boundary lines. At Saint Francis, I have been able to simultaneously pursue my three passions—art, English, and education. I’ve had opportunities to exhibit my art and to intern in the education department at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh—opportunities that I will continue to pursue after graduation. Through on-campus programs, I’ve worked with children of all ages and ability levels. I’ve been able to grow and explore under the tutelage of caring, knowledgeable professors whose enthusiasm has both fueled my love of learning and awakened passions I didn’t know I had.

    To me, the beauty of Saint Francis University is that this place isn’t just about academics, or activities, or even achievements. It’s about people. It’s about a body of students who care for each other, the staff who support us, and the professors who inspire us. It’s about an active faith and a commitment to service as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago. It’s about a community built on a shared purpose, a family who comes together to learn from each other, to grow with each other, then to reach out to change the world. I am truly blessed to be a part of that community, to carry on the spirit of Saint Francis wherever life may take me.


    Ms. Emily Gabriel

    Major: Physician Assistant

    Minor: American Sign Language

    Mrs. DeArmin, in my humble opinion, is essential to SFU in creating and offering an ASL minor. She goes above and beyond what could be expected of any professor in any course of studies anywhere.

    While my early life gave me the foundation for success, SFU has helped me flourish. What I have learned here at SFU has given me even more confidence to succeed in whatever I try to do.

    Ms. Christina Rombouts - Class of 2013

    Major: Physician Assistant Science

    Minor: French, Philosophy

    Looking back on my four years at Saint Francis, I’m overwhelmed by how much I gained in that short time. From the beginning, I had a clear picture in mind of the kind of career I wanted to have, and Saint Francis’ Physician Assistant program was the perfect fit. As a freshman, I was excited to begin the path towards being a PA, but I could not have predicted the other interests I would discover and pursue. The diversity of clubs and activities at Saint Francis encourages everybody to try something new for its own sake. The students here are focused enough on their goals to succeed, but curious enough to branch out from their major and become well-rounded people with many interests. In any given club, you’ll find students from all different majors, and anybody is welcome. Although I was a health sciences student, I found myself a member of things like the Literary Guild and the French Club. I also benefited greatly from classes that I took as part of the General Education program – in particular, philosophy and foreign languages. These classes piqued my interest, and persuaded me to minor in philosophy and French, which, in turn, opened doors to new opportunities. I was fortunate enough to participate in the month-long study abroad program in Ambialet, France, which was undoubtedly one of the best months of my life. My years at Saint Francis were a wonderful medley of experiences that could not have been replicated anywhere else.

  • Elizabeth Arnstein

    • Class of 1994
    • Honors Program Graduate
    • Delta Epsilon Sigma National Catholic Honor Society--National Award--1994
    • Writer, Director, Editor, The Cheering Never Stopped: Maurice Stokes Remembered (video documentary)
    • Account Assistant, Consumer Marketing Division of Padilla Speer Beardsley Public Relations (Minneapolis)

    Anita Fusco Baumann

    • Class of 1990
    • English/Journalism Major
    • Honors Program Graduate
    • Truman Scholarship Finalist--1988
    • Leadership America participant--1989
    • First Team USA Today Academic All-American--1990
    • Alumni Achievement Award (Class Valedictorian)--1990
    • Master of Fine Arts in Children's Literature, Emerson College (Boston)
    • Research Analyst, Syndicated Research Group (Herndon, Virginia)

    Dr. Annette Cronauer

    • Class of 1990
    • English Literature & Corporate Communications (self-designed) Majors
    • Honors Program Graduate
    • Third Team USA Today Academic All-American--1990
    • Direct Mail Marketing Institute Scholarship Winner-- Attended Denver Conference, 1990
    • Miss Frankie (Outstanding Senior Female Student)--1990
    • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, Palmer Chiropractic College (Davenport, Iowa)
    • Co-Owner, Advanced Chiropractics (Altoona, Pennsylvania)

    David LaTorre

    • Class of 1994
    • Editor, The Loretto (student newspaper)
    • Master of Arts in Journalism, Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana)
    • State Government Reporter, Media News Bureau (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
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