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Mr. Luke Mignogna

Luke Mignogna

School: Sciences
Academic Department: Engineering
Graduation Year: 2012
Hometown: Norwin, PA

Luke's Story

Luke began his career at Saint Francis University as an environmental engineering major with a minor in mathematics. He concentrated his studies on the treatment of acid mine drainage, which led to his acceptance as a National Science Foundation undergraduate researcher at the University of Oklahoma after his junior year. There, he engaged in fieldwork and analysis of floodplain soil metals, and subsequently presented his work at the American Society of Mining & Reclamation national conference in Tupelo, MS. Luke also had the privilege of serving as a physics and calculus tutor, as well as being part of an academic fraternity, Kappa Mu Epsilon.

These experiences led to Luke being offered a graduate assistantship (full tuition covered, plus a living stipend) to continue his education at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a member of the Society of Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration and the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of Pittsburgh. Luke is now studying mining and environmental engineering as he works toward his master’s thesis, “Quantification of the Factors Influencing the Performance of Above-Drainage Coal Barriers in Western Pennsylvania.” Luke’s graduate research has led to several conference presentations in WV, PA, and UT, including a recent presentation at the International Conference on Ground Control in Mining, in Morgantown, WV. Luke’s future is bright and we can’t wait to see where his career takes him next!


There has never been a better time to start a career in environmental engineering. New environmental regulations are continuously being created and enforced to better protect our society and the habitat around us, which create additional engineering problems for us to solve. The environmental engineering program at Saint Francis is a great starting point. The atmosphere suited me well. Small class sizes and supportive faculty both contribute positively to the growing engineering department. Personally, I am a “hands on” guy, so the field and lab-based experience I gained was especially valuable. I feel both lucky and blessed for having been a part of the first class of environmental engineering students to graduate from Saint Francis University. I strongly encourage those thinking about the field of engineering to give Saint Francis a try!

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