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  • Explore the Possibilities

    Our students gain real world experience that equips them with the skill sets they need to land world class careers. Below are just a few of the opportunities waiting for you as a future math student.

  • Research

     Summer Research Students Present

    Laura, Julie, and Brittany, along with their research mentor, Dr. Brendon LaBuz, presenting their summer research results at a recent Summer Research Symposium.

    A great way for mathematics majors to gain real world experience is to complete a summer research project with a mathematics faculty member. Projects typically last eight weeks beginning in late May and students are paid a competitive stipend for their efforts. SFU freshmen and sophomore mathematics majors are especially encouraged to apply as a way to prepare for eventual internships or more advanced mathematics research endeavors. A sample of present research areasinclude:

    • Graph theory applied to solving linear systems ofequations
    • Computer simulation of compound eyes
    • Large scale geometry
    • Measure theory

    Research projects enhance your portfolios, written and oral communication skills and provides opportunities for career networking as well as provides rich unique experiences.  SFU freshmen and sophomore mathematics majors are especially encouraged to apply as a way to prepare for eventual internships or more advanced mathematics research endeavors. Both collaborative research projects with other disciplines and research topics in mathematics are available.



    Matlab is a high-level Industry Standard language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and FORTRAN. Matlab is used extensively in Calculus and Applied math coursework.  Matlab is fully integrated in the Saint Francis University Mathematics curriculum.

  • Fellowships & Awards

    Mathematics Fellowships

    Mathematics Department Fellowship

    A four - year fellowship of $2,000 per year is awarded annually up to ten incoming students per year majoring in Mathematics. Prospective Fellows must have a minimum high school grade point average of 3.5, a SAT (critical reading and math) score of at least 1100 or ACT of at least 24, and a letter of recommendation. Additionally the Fellowship requires the student to remain as a Mathematics major, maintain good academic standing (3.0 QPA) and participate in either an internship, undergraduate research project, or a study abroad experience prior to graduating. Mathematics Fellows are required participate in outreach, tutorial or service activities. To apply, complete the Mathematics Department Fellowship online application.

    Mathematics Department Awards for Students

    No doubt you have big goals. We love students who reach higher in life that is why we've established a slate of awards geared to high achieving mathematics majors.

    Mathematics Undergraduate Summer Research Award

    The Mathematics department conducts Undergraduate Summer Research over the course of the summer under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Students, who are selected to participate, receive compensation for their summer research. A number of research topics are possible ranging from applied real world problems to theoretical questions.

    Mathematics Department Travel Award

    Students may receive a monetary travel award to help defray the cost of presenting at regional or national conferences. Students present their summer undergraduate research results, seminar research projects and independent study projects at both on and off campus events.

    James W. and Helen Marie Lieb Award

    This funded award is presented to a rising sophomore or junior mathematics student who has demonstrated outstanding service and attitude toward mathematics and the campus community. It is presented in memory of Mr. James Lieb, a former Saint Francis University Mathematics faculty member.

    Mathematics Department Senior Award

    This award is presented during the School of Sciences award ceremony. It is awarded to the highest achieving senior in the department based upon academic excellence and service to the department.

    Problem Solving Competition Award

    The Mathematics Department sponsors a monthly problem solving competition for SFU students. Students participating have an opportunity to win a cash award and represent Saint Francis University at a national problem solving competition.

  • Clubs & Honor Societies

    Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME)

    KME Honor Society Members  Kappa Mu Epsilon Crest Students next to Kappa Mu Epsilon banner

    You may want to join an honor societies such as Kappa Mu Epsilon, a specialized honor society in Mathematics. KME was founded in 1931 to promote the interest of mathematics among students. Its chapters are located in universities of recognized standing which offer a strong mathematics major. The Pennsylvania Mu chapter at Saint Francis University was founded in 1979.

    MECS Club

    MECS Club Photo

    The MECS club at Saint Francis University is made up of mathematics, engineering, and computer science majors. Their mission is to advance student learning experiences through speakers, community service projects and field visits to industrial sites, graduate schools and conferences. The MECS Club is also highly active in tutoring students on campus.

    Pi Day

    Pi Day students making pie  Pi Day student line poster Pi Day students Circle Measure poster

    Pi Day gives the mathematics students the opportunity to excel at service sharing sweet treats, socializing, and spreading a little mathematics education to the entire campus community.  Pi Day is March 14 which represents the popular and irrational mathematical constant 3.14.

  • Internships & Networking


    As a student you may participate in professional activities including attending and presenting in professional conferences as you learn new things and are ready to share your research. There are also internship opportunities such technology research organizations such as SFU's Center of Excellence for Remote and Medically Under-Served Areas (CERMUSA).

  • Science Center

    Science Center

    Our dream for a new sciences facility became a reality with completion expected in Fall 2013. This 70,000 square-foot facility houses state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and research facilities (including an aquatic research facility), advanced chemical instrumentation and youth outreach areas, in addition to places for students and faculty to gather, study, and learn.

    Take a look inside the Science Center

    The new Science Center has unique space dedicated for Mathematics Majors. A dedicated student zone is being created for mathematics students to relax and learn in. Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom.  This space provides a rich relaxed climate for mathematics students to share ideas, discuss research and just hang out. The programming classroom with dual monitors and Mac Mini Parallel technologies and thin client technologies will provide a unique environment for Applied and Actuarial Mathematics majors to carry out advanced modeling and research activities.

    New Science Building schematic

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