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Megan Cook

School: Health Sciences
Academic Department: Physical Therapy
Graduation Year: 2006


What are some features of your experience at SFU that are positive or unique?

"Small classroom environment, beautiful campus, good amount of support given by friends and teachers, close relationships with professors, teammates as well as many other athletes."

Why did you choose SFU over a larger university?

"For the PT program."

What sport did you play?


How did you balance athletics and academics as a student athlete at SFU?

"Time management skills."

What would you like to share about SFU or the PT major with a prospective student athlete?

"I loved being an athlete because I had wonderful teammates, got to travel often new places, and had a fun time along the way. SFU is a great place to learn because of the people who attend or work here. The friends and professors I have met here have given me the support and encouragement I needed to succeed."

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