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    The 6th annual North American Undergraduate Conference in Religion and Philosophy will be held March 22 & 23, 2013 at Saint Francis University. Keynote speaker Randall Stephens, Reader in History and American Studies at Northumbria University (UK), will kick-off this event with his “Evangelical Anti-intellectualism in Modern America” ethics lecture on Friday, March 22 at 7pm in DiSepio 213.

    This conference is open to the public and free for presenters and non-presenters. For more information, check out the

    This conference is sponsored by St. Francis University with support from SFU’s

    Conference Agenda

    Friday, March 22, DiSepio 213

    NAUCRP 2013 Friday Agenda
    7:00pm Keynote Address and Ethics Lecture: “Evangelical Anti-intellectualism in Modern America”
    by Randall Stephens, Reader in History and American Studies at Northumbria University (UK)
     Randall Stevens

    Exploring intellectual authority within evangelicalism, Randall Stephens will speak about how America’s populist ideals, anti-intellectualism, and religious free market, along with the concept of anointing—being chosen by God to speak for him like the biblical prophets—established a conservative evangelical leadership isolated from the world of secular arts and sciences. Today, charismatic and media-savvy creationists, historians, psychologists, and biblical exegetes continue to receive more funding and airtime than their more qualified counterparts. Though a growing minority of evangelicals engage with contemporary scholarship, the community’s authority structure still encourages the “anointed” to assume positions of leadership.

    Professor Stephens is co-author of The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age and has written for The Atlantic, the New York Times, Christian Century, Christianity Today, and Books and Culture.

    Saturday, March 23, DiSepio 213

    NAUCRP 2013 Saturday Agenda
    Time Presentations
    • Registration and Breakfast
    • Welcome and Opening Remarks
    8:35-9:50 SESSION I
    • Joshua W DeMont, SUNY Buffalo State, “I think Sense Data; Therefore, Sense Data I Am”
    • Nicole Gallagher, Iona College, “Relationship between Emotions and Reasoning”
    • McKenzie Humann, Iona College, “Two Sides of the Mind-Body Dichotomy in Eastern and Western Classics”
    9:55-11:10 SESSION II
    • Alex Reading, Saint Francis University, “Post-Modernity emerges from Heraclitus: Nietzche's belief in No Absolute Truth and the Pre-Platonics”
    • Thomas McNulty, Iona University, “Reason and the Happy Life in The Nicomachean Ethics and Oedipus Rex”
    • Natalie Ziskin, Iona College, “Job: A Man of Virtue and Happiness”
    11:15-12:30 SESSION III
    • Rijad Custovic, Emmanuel College, “Badiou: Religion as Event”
    • Daniel Joseph Kimmel, Lebanon Valley College, “Erik Erikson’s Theory of Religion”
    • Lucas Krief, Rutgers University, “Quantum Mechanics, Nature and the Case for Theism”
    12:30-1:30 LUNCH
    1:35 Address from Father Gabriel Zeis, TOR, President of SFU
    1:45-3:15 SESSION IV
    • Ashley Ferrari, Lebanon Valley College, “Unchaining Our Brain: The Prospect of a Plastic Political Subjectivity”
    • Marquis Bey, Lebanon Valley College, “Filling the Shell of the Black Woman With Nothing”
    • Devan Glenny, Lebanon Valley College, “Bullying: A Plastic Explosion?”
    • Dylan, Matusek, Lebanon Valley College, “Historical Plasticity”
    • Halley Washburn, Lebanon Valley College, “Neuroplasticity: Implications for Change”
    3:20-5:00 SESSION V
    • Alison Lewandoski, Rutgers University “Mormon Opposition of the Late 19th Century: A Platform for Women’s Empowerment”
    • Andrea Brunken, Brigham Young University, “The Absence of Atonement and Milton’s Greater God”
    • Haisam Hassanein, Lebanon Valley College, “The Centuries-Long Struggle for Coptic Equality”
    5:30-5:45 Awards and Closing

    We wish to thank the School of Arts and Letters, the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, the G. Steven Neeley Fund, and the Institute for Ethics for their generous support. Thanks also to all of those who help make this conference happen, especially Arthur Remillard, Patty McVicker, Rosemary Bertocci, Mike McKale, Randall Stephens, Fr. Gabriel Zeis, Wayne Powel, Tim Whisler, Robin Cadwallader, Pat Socoski, Jeff Robins, Matt Sayers, Joseph Williams, and Grant Julin.