Occupational Therapy Success Stories

  • Occupational Therapy Alumni Reaching Higher

    We are so proud of our Occupational Therapy alumni, students, faculty and staff! Here are a few of the success stories that we just had to share!

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    Ms. Shelly (Wasielewski) Davidovich MOT, OTR/L - Class of 2013

    Major: Occupational Therapy

    Minor: Psychology

    The department chair (Don Walkovich) was kind enough to take me as a advisee and help me shape my curriculum to accomodate a double Bachelor's Degree. All OT faculty staff was more than happy to always help and go the extra mile for my success. I especially enjoyed Dr. Mihelcic and all of his infamous quotes. "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck-- then it's probably not a duck!"


    Ms. Andrea (Brown) Wilk MOT - Class of 2013

    Major: Health Sceince

    Minor: Neuroscience

    I had a wide range of experiences with the faculty. Overall, the experience was very positive! They were always willing to take time out of their day to talk to you about school and personal related topics. The OT department was very hands on and created a very positive learning environment. They provided the students with a wide range of learning opportunities that other programs do not allow.


    Ms. Hannah Lloyd - Class of 2009

    After completing this program and starting a career as an occupational therapist, I was surprised at the affect the classes, professors, and peers at Saint Francis University had on my attitude and success post graduation. The OT Program prepared me not only as a therapist, but as a professional, researcher, and a holistic person to assume new roles in life. I am thankful for my experiences at SFU and encourage all to take part of this amazing program.


    Mr. Christopher Stavisky - Class of 2008

    I feel very fortunate to be a part of the team in the Biomechatronics Learning Laboratory. Assistive technology has always been an interest of mine within the field of Occupational Therapy, and I currently have the opportunity to assist with a device’s development. This is a very exciting endeavor for which the research skills that I developed at Saint Francis University have well prepared me.


    Ms. Danielle Conwell - Class of 2013

    Major: Health Science

    Minor: Psychology

    There were two major reasons why I chose occupational therapy as my major at Saint Francis. The first reason was the faculty. I have never met such understanding and supportive teachers. Each of my professors have taken a personal interest in my success and from the start were there to support me. The second reason why I chose my major was because of the occupational therapy curriculum. I thought the mix of classroom and real life experiences that this program offered would really help me be the best I could be.


    Ms. Andrea (Cooper) Tigden MOT, OTR/L - Class of 2011

    After completing my first year as an occupational therapist, I continue to be grateful for my experience as a student in the Saint Francis Master of Occupational Therapy program. The one-on-one attention we received from professors and small class size were two aspects of the program that stick out to me most. Another beneficial aspect, not found in every OT program, was the opportunity to choose almost any location for fieldwork. My first fieldwork affiliation was in an acute care hospital in sunny Southern California, and my second fieldwork was a neurology-focused outpatient affiliation at Penn State Hershey. Fortunately, my fieldwork experience transpired into an immediate job offer prior to graduation (similar to several of my classmates). One month after graduation, I started as an acute care OT at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center. My current position brings new and wonderful challenges each day, and I am fortunate to work with patients in a variety of services, such as Neurology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Trauma Surgery, Hematology/Oncology and more. The well-rounded education provided by the SFU MOT curriculum and continued clinical and profession guidance from professors certainly prepared me for working in an environment which is fast-paced and always changing. While I have enjoyed professional growth in the past years, I have continued to grow personally as well. I am currently married, purchased my first house, coaching a local high school girls basketball team, and raising a puppy!

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