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Online MBA Program

The prestigious MBA program at the Shields School of Business now offered online for students' convenience.

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    • Why SFU?

      1. Flexibility. We know your schedule is filled with career, family, and life demands. Our online classes can be taken whenever, wherever, so you can learn at  your convenience.

      2. Quality. We don't cut corners with your education. The iMBA curriculum is the exact same as the face-to-face program. Students receive the same MBA degree and diploma.  

      3. Award-winning faculty. You won't be staring at a blank screen. Video lectures and critiques are given by our accomplished professors with care and concern for your success.

      4. Highly rated. Saint Francis University's online school has been heralded by as one of the best in Pennsylvania, providing access to the highest quality e-learning tools and education.

    • Give Your Career a Boost

      In today's professional market, the MBA is the favored degree for those seeking administrative careers in many fields. The Shields School of Business offers individuals at every level the opportunity to enhance career potential and marketability in an ever-changing workplace.

      Perks of having an MBA:

      • career advancement
      • greater job satisfaction
      • improved job performance
      • higher lifetime earnings
      • greater workplace impact overall