Peace Pole

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  • Peace Pole

    Peace Pole

    From prehistoric times on, people have stood stones up on one end as monuments of one kind or another. Japan has an on-going tradition of vertical stones with text engraved in them. So in 1955 Peace Pole in Japanin Japan when Masahisa Goi wanted to make public statements about peace, that was the tradition he followed. Since then Peace Poles have been planted on sites that include the tomb of Confucius in China, the pyramids of Giza, and the magnetic North Pole in Canada.

    Peace poles are placed near many convents, friaries, universities and colleges, churches, etc. around the world . The Peace Pole on Saint Francis University campus was erected with the help of Father Kevin Queally, TOR and has served as a destination for pole-to-pole walks in the local area.  Featuring the words "May Peace Prevail on Earth" written in multiple languages, the peace pole has continued to share the universal message of peace that is represented in Franciscan values.

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