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Punkin Chunkin winners!

November 6, 2013


punkin chunkin 1punkin chunkin 3 punkin chunkin 4

The Saint Francis environmental engineering society found a clever way to make use of their Halloween pumpkins. They hosted the first "Punkin Chunkin" contest on November 2. Teams of 2-5 members competed to launch their Halloween pumpkins the longest distance.

Winners were Jake Wiskeman, Kevin Tomkowski, and John Woloschuk in the catapult and overall categories. Taya Zoubareva, Josh Vinglish, and Kasey Butts won in the trebuchet category. Ben Shultz won for throwing in the men's division, and Emily Bach won for throwing in the women's division.

Emily Bach also chaired the event, helping to organize it and define the rules and safety precautions for the contest. A special thank you goes to the Student Activities Organization for promoting and sponsoring prizes for the event prizes.