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Religion and Sports: From the Sacred Time of Distance Running, to Purity and Pollution in Baseball

Event Details

Start Date:  March 18, 2014
Start Time: 4:15
End Time: 5:15
Location: Padua 112
Phone: x3339
Email: aremillard@francis.edu

Students Eric Anello and Dennis Ryan will present their research papers on religion and sports in America. Anello's talk is entitled, "Why We Run: An Experience of Time." In it, he examines how runners define time in sacred terms, set apart from their ordinary daily experiences of linear time. Ryan's talk is entitled, "From Purity to Pollution: The Transformation of Baseball in the Steroid Era." He looks specifically at the steroid scandal in professional baseball, and how reactions to this has carried a religious tone, as fans and observers have demanded "purity" from players.

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