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    Let the Institute for Energy help you answer that question.  We occasionally host educational events for you to learn about renewable energy.  See our event schedule below or contact us to learn more about how we can help your farm or small business utilize renewable energy sources!

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    The seminars/expos provide attendees with recommendations and information on how to use renewable energy technologies and resources in their operations.  

    Utilizing renewable energy can help rural Pennsylvanians by reducing energy costs, reducing risk, and providing a revenue stream through electrical sales to utilities.

    In 2013 the center hosted a series of events thanks to funding from the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program.

    Renewable Energy Seminar and Expo Event Schedule
    Event Schedule
    Topic Date Location & Description
    All     October 28, 2013     Saint Francis University
    This event was for anyone interested in learning about the basics of renewable energy and determining if they can use the energy sources for their needs.
    Biomass March 12, 2013     Saint Francis University
    Topics included the production of heat and electricity from woody biomass and anaerobic digestion, among others.  The day concluded with a visit to SCI Cresson, where attendees viewed the combined heat and power boiler and turbine system.   Thank you to AFS Energy Systems and SAP&DC for sponsoring this event.
    Geothermal July 23, 2013 Saint Francis University
    Attendees learned about geothermal heat pump systems that can provide heating and cooling for buildings.  A tour of the DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness,one of two campus buildings utilizing this resource, was included.  Thank you to SAP&DC and Kupetz Plumbing & Heating for sponsoring this event.     
    Micro-Hydro June 6, 2013 Whispering Creek Retreat
    Attendees learned about micro-sized water turbines that can be used to generate a consistent source of electricity.  Although few systems exist in PA, there is much potential.  In cooperation with the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.   Thanks to the PA DEP, SAP&DC, and Constellation Energy for sponsoring this event. 
    Solar September 12, 2013 Saint Francis University
    A number of different technologies capable of utilizing the sun's energy were discussed, including passive design, water heating, and photovoltaics.  Attendees toured the LEED Gold Certified DEP Cambria Office Building featuring a 14 kW solar rooftop system and two solar trackers, a local farm generating electricity from photovoltaics on the barn roof, and the Prince Gallitzin State Park Visitor Center solar array and wind turbine.  Thanks to the SAP&DC and Constellation Energy for sponsoring this event.
    Wind May 14, 2013 Saint Francis University
    Small wind turbines and community and commercial scale wind projects were discussed.  A tour of the campus' 2.5 kW, 120 foot tall wind turbine was included, as well as a visit to the North Allegheny Wind Farm.   Thank you to SAP&DC and Constellation Energy for sponsoring this event.
    Wind & More October, 5 2013 Fairhope, PA
    Participants completed a challenging 5K 'Run for Renewables'  in Somerset County with several wind farms visible from the course.  Attendees were able to view a model of our meteorological equipment used to collect wind data as well as other content focused on renewable energy.  Thanks to EverPower, OwnEnergy, REpower, and Walmart for sponsoring this event.