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STAR Productions presents Rough Water

Event Details

Start Date:  April 12, 2013
End Date: April 13, 2013
Start Time: 7:30pm
Location: JFK Student Center
Phone: 814-472-3930
Email: kresinski@francis.edu

Lifeboat Preserver


suspense…surprises…sobs—some smiles
adventure and romance—all in a lifeboat
a claustrophobic parable
about the complexities of human behavior
under extreme circumstances

STAR Productions at Saint Francis University voyages into the oceanic unknown with its Spring Production of
a stage adaptation of the Alfred Hitchcock film LIFEBOAT from the concept by John Steinbeck.
Nine people adrift, all at the mercy of the elements and — each-other:
a microcosm of humanity claustrophobically enclosed in a very small lifeboat on a very large ocean.

Niles Penny Dolly Lifeboat Constance Porter Stosh Kovach Lifeboat

Show times

Performances of ROUGH WATER are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday April 10, 11, 12 and 13 at 7:30pm.
Show-only tickets are $5 and may be purchased at the door.
SFU students, faculty, administration, staff show-only tickets are FREE and available at the door.
CES Credit is available for all performances

It is a two-act World War II Drama which focuses on the human, the people in-and-of that War. There is rough language appropriate to that of adult men-and-women caught in the extreme pressures and the intense stresses of a World at War.

The performance lasts about two hours plus an intermission. All performances and the Dinner / Theatre are presented in the JFK Center on the Loretto campus of Saint Francis University, 117 Evergreen Drive, 15940.

Dinner / Theatre

There will be two Dinner / Theatre performances on Friday April 12 and Saturday April 13 at 6pm.
Dinner / Theatre tickets cost $20 and must be reserved twenty-four hours in advance of attending by calling 814-472-3930.
The price includes both Dinner AND Show.

The Italian Eatments All At Sea menu includes:

  • Italian Parmesan-encrusted Tilapia; Italian green-beans;
  • Italian Linguine with either white dill sauce or red basil sauce;
  • Italian old-bay biscuits; and for dessert—Tiramisu.

Cast of characters

Rough Water - Lifeboat

In the tradition of STAR Productions the cast is a mix of Saint Francis University students and Area Residents; the local actors performing are:

  • Anita Baumann, Flinton, plays the world-famous femme-fatale foreign correspondent;
  • the role of the revenge-hate obsessed muscle-hunk who is quite politically savy is in the creative hands of Brian Davis, Lilly;
  • Alan Zajdel, also of Lilly, enacts the rich American capitalist who tries to monopolize everything and everybody;
  • while Ethan Leydig, Portage, is the young radio-operator ready-and-willing to grow-up;
  • Brady Saksa, Cresson, and Jake Bowen of Gallitzin, take on the difficult and demanding roles of The Uninvited Guests;
  • Rob Callis-Keiser, Johnstown, is the unlucky guy with gangrene, needing an emergency amputation.

The student cast-members include:

  • the young Canadian Red Cross Nurse a little scared to grow-up in such a hurry played by Chelsea Crandall from Lancaster;
  • Pittsburgh brings onto the stage—Mary Palko in the role of Dolly Madison, the hill-billy cook with intense religious fervor, singing everyone through this awesome journey;
  • the Beligian mother fearfully denying that her child is dead is Nicolette Bucci.

And then there are The Albatross, three SFU students who, masked and wearing outrageous costumes designed by Bonnie Resinski, abstract the weather and sea conditions:

  • Gary Emrick, Bethlehem
  • Ian Pereira, Harrisburg
  • and Sean Reese, Easton.

Lindsey Miller of Altoona serves in the task-laden position of Stage Manager.

Just when we think we are old-enough and wise-enough
an art-experience comes-along
that sends us on a new journey…
a new journey of discovery of ourselves…
and what is the discovery?
not answers —
just more questions!

This event is made possible by our Fine Arts Department

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