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Semester in France students visit Barcelona

March 17, 2014


barcelona 14

Our Semester in France students enjoyed the Barcelona trip- it was as amazing as expected. There are so many new things to see and do. Just when I thought I was getting used to my French I had to switch back to my high school language Spanish. It was fun to dig up my old language skills and many of the students were excited to use their high school Spanish skills.

The schedule was action packed starting with a stop on the way to Barcelona in the walled city of Carcassonne. Eric Crema gave a wonderful tour of the Catholic Church. These old structures boggle my mind, the amount of work and the number of years (100’s) that it took to build these churches is amazing. We also got to visit one of the newest catholic churches, La Sagrada Familia, which is still under construction in Barcelona. Wow! It is very different from the old churches and it is impossible to compare. The modern aspects incorporated into this church by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí are amazing. It is definitely a must see when you travel to Barcelona.

We had plenty of time to walk around and enjoy the city, shop, and enjoy the wonderful food in between our excursions to some fabulous museums. The first museum stop coordinated by Gerry Honigsblum was the Fundacion Juan Miro, which was followed by dinner at Tapas Tapas, and then off to see the Flamenco dance at Taranto. Another day we visited a beautiful park also designed by Gaudi and then spent the afternoon visiting the Picasso museum. While in Barcelona we not only learned from past artists but also got to visit the art studio of Mercedes Rogla. Mercedes was a gracious host and excellent at explaining her works and her love for art.

On our way back to France we stopped in Figueres, Spain to visit the Dali museum. We learned so much on the 5 day trip and had a blast enjoying southern France, Barcelona and Figueres, Spain. The students have been working hard on their classes since our return from Barcelona and are packing for their next travel excursion to Paris. So many museums so little time!

I am on a slightly different path at the moment since I flew back to the US to the frozen tundra to attend an international chemistry conference in Chicago, IL followed by a visit back to PA. It seems I have brought the sunshine with me and the frozen tundra has melted. Bienvenue printemps! It is nice to see a little spring weather in the Spring semester.

Au revoir, Rose Clark