Sociology & Criminal Justice Success Stories

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  • Reaching Higher in Sociology & Criminal Justice

    We are proud to introduce some of our current and past students! Students in our sociology and criminal justice programs are a select group. They are ambitious and service-oriented. Our students fill many leadership roles in the Saint Francis community, and they work closely with faculty. As alumni they go on to graduate school and successful careers.We are so proud of our alumni, students, faculty and staff! Here are a few of the success stories that we just had to share. 

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    Ms. Ashley L. Fundack - Class of 2009

    Major: Sociology and Criminal Justice

    The Saint Francis University Sociology and Criminal Justice Department provided me with the knowledge and skills that are essential to succeed in graduate school. The sociology and criminal justice faculty made my four years of educational experience at Saint Francis University a very memorable one. The professors were not only sources of knowledge but also mentors, inspirations, and champions to my personal success and academic goals. Because of the high quality of education that I received from Saint Francis University, I found myself more than prepared. My major helped me move to the front of my graduate classes, because I already have a deep understanding and knowledge of the material. The Sociology Department has truly helped me to "Reach Higher and Go Far."


    Ms. Theresa Bryant - Class of 2011

    Major: Sociology and Criminal Justice

    Why did you choose Saint Francis?

    I chose Saint Francis because of the small classroom sizes. At Saint Francis the professors are very helpful and understanding. The atmosphere at Saint Francis is friendly and supportive, making it comfortable.

    Why Criminal Justice at SFU?

    The criminal justice program at Saint Francis is very interactive and educational. This program gives students the opportunity to listen to speakers from the community, to be aware of the career possibilities for this major. The professors in the CJ major give detailed information for success in the workforce. Their career advice complements by their research.

    Hannah Jenkins - Class of 2012

    Major: Sociology and Psychology

    Why Sociology at SFU?

    I attended SFU initially for the Psychology program but after taking a few electives in sociology, I wanted to double major. The professors really made it possible for me to double major and were supportive of me pursuing my interests. I graduated from SFU with a double major in psychology and sociology and a minor in criminal justice. The sociology and criminal justice courses I took at SFU were helpful in my acceptance into graduate school. Having an extensive background in related fields, my coursework made me a competitive graduate school candidate.

    Ms. Aggie Marciniak - Class of 2012

    Major: Sociology and Chemistry

    Why would you recommend sociology at SFU?

    The small school setting offers you a chance to really get to know your professors, and them to know you. The professors are really passionate about the material of the courses that they are teaching, making the courses interesting and very informative. The professors are extremely willing to help and get you involved, as long as you want it.

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