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    Student research is an important part of the Saint Francis University experience for students of all majors, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our students work on research projects along side their faculty members. Many student/faculty teams present their work at conferences, in addition to having their findings published in academic journals as well as our university research journal, Spectrum.

    SPECTRUM: Journal of Undergraduate Research at Saint Francis University is a peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal featuring the works of Saint Francis University students, launched to showcase the work of students who have become engaged in research at our University. Students interested in submitting a research paper to Spectrum should send their article to spectrum@francis.edu. Guidelines for submission can be found on the last page of the magazine.

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    Spectrum 6 Fall 2015


    Spectrum Winter 2015 (Volume 5 - 3)

     Spectrum: Winter 2015 Cover This issue features the following research reports:
    • Why We Run: An Experience of Time
      Eric J. Anello; Arthur Remillard
    • Insect Foraging by Winter Birds: Do Supplemental Food Sources Increase Predation Success
      Margaret K. Connelly; Rachel M. Robinson; Jocelin R. Teachout; Mary K. Woloschuk; Lane J. Loya
    • The Progression of Sexual Awakening in Literature
      Cecelia A. MacDonald; Robin L. Cadwallader
    Read the Spectrum Winter 2015 Volume 5 - 3 (pdf) 

    Spectrum Research Day Abstracts Fall 2014 (Volume 5 - 1)

     Spectrum 5.1 Cover This issue features the following research reports:
    • From Purity to Pollution: The Transformation of Baseball in the Steroid Era 4
      Dennis J. Ryan; Arthur Remillard
    • Synthesis and Characterization of Azo Dyes 9
      Michelle Lipski; Lauren E. McConnell; Lauren E. Grabowski; Kristen N. Ritchey; Michele R.S. Hargittai; Balazs Hargittai
    • A Study of the Risk Factors of Degenerative Joint Disease of the Knee leading 17 to Total Joint Arthroplasty and their Influence on Therapeutic Outcomes
      Stephen D. Kowalski; Stephen M. LoRusso 
    Read the Spectrum Research Day Abstracts Fall 2014 Volume 5 - 1 (pdf)

    Spectrum Research Day Abstracts Spring 2014 (Volume 4 - 4)

     Spectrum 4.4 Cover

    This issue features the following research reports:

    • Organized Body, Organized Mind: The Association between Yoga and Cognitive Abilities
      Irene M. Boyle; Stephen M. LoRusso
    • What is Google Doing to Us 12
      Kimberly A. Gronski; Grant A. Julin
    • The Blending of Passions: Integrating Art into a World of Science
      Danielle R. MacMurtrie

    Read the Spectrum Research Day Abstracts Spring 2014 Volume 4-4 (pdf)

    Spectrum Research Day Abstracts Winter 2014 (Volume 4 - 3)

     Spectrum 4.3 Cover

    This issue features the following research reports:

    • Molecular Modeling of Folding in Lactam-Modified α-Conotoxins
      Brittany A. Kovacs; Pedro L. Muíño
    • The Role of Optimism in Attaining the Ideal Romantic Partner
      Jennifer E. Wilde; Marnie L. Moist
    • Success of Women Physical Therapy Graduates from Saint Francis University
      Jamie L. Wichrowski; Balazs Hargittai

    Read the Spectrum Research Day Abstracts Winter 2013 Volume 4-3 (pdf)

    Spectrum Research Day Abstracts Fall 2013 (Volume 4 - 2)

     Spectrum 4.2 Cover

    This issue features the following research reports:

    • 3rd Annual Saint Francis Research Day Abstracts
    • Poster Sessions A & B
    • Lecture Session

    Read the Spectrum Research Day Abstracts Fall 2013 Volume 4-2 (pdf)

    Spectrum Fall 2013 (Volume 4 - 1)

     Spectrum Fall 2013

    This issue features the following research reports:

    • Medical Device Excise Tax: An Economic Review by Conor S. Norris; Edward Timmons
    • Keeping One’s Head or Heart? Exploring Popular Reaction Henry VIII’s Seccession from Rome by Julie L. Cashdollar; Lori Woods
    • Urinary Incontinence: The Silent Embarrassment of Female Athletes by Lauren S. Wingard; Heather R. Kindel; Stephen M. LoRusso

    Read the Spectrum Fall 2013 Volume 4-1 (pdf) 

    Spectrum Spring 2013 (Volume 3 - 4)

     Spectrum Student Research Journal Spring 2013

    This issue features the following research reports:

    • Will Women Surpass Men in the 100m Dash?A Look into the Trending Times and Physiology of Male and Female 100 Meter Sprinters by Daniel S. Valcicak and Stephen M. LoRusso
    • Passive Co-Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage and Municipal Wastewater: Removal of Less Commonly Addressed Metals at Cerro Rico de Potosí, Bolivia by Rebecca A.M. Peer William H.J. Strosnider
    • Giving Voice to the Death of Dorian Gray: An Investigation of Hedonistic Suicide by Dennis J. Ryan and Robin L. Cadwallader

    Read the Spectrum Spring 2013 Volume 3-4 (pdf)

    Spectrum Winter 2013 (Volume 3 - 3)

    Spectrum Student Research Journal Winter 2013

    This issue features the following research reports:

    • Gender Differences in College Athletes’ Perceptions of Group Cohesion Based on Type of Sport by Tia M. Dudukovich and Lindsay Ross-Stewart
    • Analysis for the presence of toxic metals and the effect of sunlight on tattoo pigments by Kaylyn M. Oshaben and Edward P. Zovinka
    • No Hope Without Dope – A History of the Tour de France by Elyse M. Grasser and Denise H. Damico
    • Silent Praise by Elizabeth A. Wheeler

    Read the Spectrum Winter 2013 Volume 3-3 (pdf)

    Spectrum Fall 2012 (Volume 3 - 2) Student Research Day

    Spectrum Student Research Journal Fall 2012 Research Day Abstracts of the Second Annual Saint Francis University Research Day

    Read the Spectrum Winter 2013 Volume 3-2 (pdf)

    Spectrum Fall 2012 (Volume 3 - 1)

     Spectrum Fall 2012 cover art This issue features the following research reports:

    • Acceptance and Use of Exercise among Physicians and Physician Assistants as a Treatment Option for Depression: This paper by Chelsea N. Weimert; Jill M. Cavalet explores the option of using exercise as a treatment for depression. 
    • Surface pKa and Cytochrome c: How the surface pKa of a Self-Assembled 12 Monolayer affects the Formal Reduction Potential and the Electron Transfer Rate of Adsorbed Cytochrome c: This paper by  Agnieszka N. Marciniak, Laura E. Ritchey, and  Dr. Rose A. Clark examines the conditions under which this protein functions most efficiently. 
    • The Complex Cat and Society’s Signifiers in “Sam the Cat” This paper by Eric S. Horell and Dr. Robin L. Cadwallader deconstructs Matthew Klam's work  "Sam the Cat." 

    Read the Spectrum Fall 2012 Volume 3-1 (pdf)

    Spring 2012 (Volume 2)

    Spectrum Spring 2012 This issue features the following research reports:

    • Man’s Struggle : This paper by  Latitia S. Lattanzio and Dr. Robin Cadwallader explores the concept of human evils, man versus man, and the struggle for dominance in today’s culture.
    • Measuring Potassium in Muscle Tissue Utilizing an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Validation of an Adaption for a Whole-body Potassium Counting Method: This paper by Anthony R. Horner, Dr. Rose A. Clark, Dr. Stephen M. LoRusso, and Dr. Edward P. Zovinka discusses the importance of potassium in relation to health. The goal was to develop a sample preparation method for potassium extraction to use with the atomic absorption spectrometer.
    • Listening with Compassion: The benefits of storytelling in the health care setting: This paper by Lisa M. Moser and Dr. Aurthur Remillard discusses the benefits of storytelling for patients and health care providers alike, as well as the challenges that can hinder storytelling in the health care setting.
    • Door 1, 2, or 3? The Monty Hall Problem: The paper by Ethan L. Hullihen and Dr. Timothy W. Bintrim explores the reasoning behind the correct answer of Monty Hall Problem. It discusses how it works mathematically, as well as the cultural importance that the problem holds.
    • The influence of multiple prolines on the folding of disulfide rich small peptides: This paper by KaLynn M. Kline, Heather J. Harteis, Lauren E. McConnell, Janel A. Jesberger, Dr. Michele R. Hargittai, and Dr. Balazs Hargittai demonstrates how the presence or absence of the amino acid, proline, in certain positions can influence the folding of peptides.

    Read the Spectrum 2012 Volume 2 issue (pdf)

    Spring 2011 (Volume 1)

    Spectrum Spring 2011 This inaugural issue features the following research reports:

    • Long-Term Recession Forecasting Using the Yield Curve: This paper  by Jennifer M. Sabol and Dr. Edward J. Timmons examines the accuracy of long-term (6- and 8-quarter) recession forecasting using the yield curve.
    • An Invariant of Metric Spaces Under Bornologous Equivalences: This paper by Brittany N. Miller, Julia H. Moore, Laura M. Stibich, and Dr. Brendon L. LaBuz examines spaces that are bornologously equivalent. Bornologous equivalence is defined as two metric spaces that are bornologous functions that also map onto one another.
    • Running into the Unknown: The Religious Dimensions of Distance Running:  This paper by Andrew R. McKee and Dr. Arthur Remillard examines the feeling of exhilaration achieved while running. The feeling plays a central role in expressing how running can take on more meaning and become more than simple physical exertion.

    Read the Spring 2011 Issue of Spectrum (pdf)
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