• Featured in Video


    • Fr. Sean Sullivan, TOR (graduate, President Emeritus of SFU)
    • Br. Martin Zatsick, TOR (current director of the Dorothy Day Center)


    • Craig Labuskes
    • Mary Woloschuk

    Saint Francis University was founded by the Franciscan Friars in 1847. Since then the Franciscan Friars of the Third Order Regular have always been present to Saint Francis University.

    In the video, Hold Nothing Back, Fr. Michael Tinker, TOR, Fr. Sean Sullivan, TOR, and Br. Martin Zatsick, TOR describe what it is like to be called by God and what it is like to discern the religious life. These friars also express the need for religious vocations so that the friars may continue to serve in the years to come.

    Junior Craig Labuskes (physician assistant science) and sophomore Mary Woloschuk  (biology) are undergraduate students at Saint Francis University who address the importance of the friars’ presence and ministry. They also address some of the misconceptions about the religious life and what the religious life means in today’s world.

    The history of the Franciscan Friars, TOR is an ongoing story. The friars who have gone before us have done their part. May the Lord show us what is ours to do.

    Fr. Benedict Jurchak, TOR Director of Vocations