Worship Opportunities

at Saint Francis University

  • Places to Worship

    Places to Worship

    Prayer can take place anywhere. As you walk to class, as you are studying, as you are socializing with friends. You don’t have to be in a church to pray. Anytime you are communicating with God, you are praying.

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    Agape Chapel

    This intimate space, located near the Immaculate Conception Chapel, is home to ecumenical worship services and used by students for quiet reflection and prayer.


    Immaculate Conception Chapel

    The Chapel is open daily, offering opportunities for solitude and reflection. Daily Noon Mass, two Sunday Masses, weekly Reconciliation, as well as Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament are offered.


    DiSepio Spiritual Wellness Room & Labrynth

    The Spiritual Wellness Center includes two spaces; one, the labyrinth, an outdoors in a sunken courtyard between the DiSepio Institute and the mall; and the second component, an indoor interfaith meditation room offers individuals and small groups an opportunity to meditate and pray.


    Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

    A group of alumni and Knights of Columbus recently renovated this tranquil space which is located on the North side of campus. Tucked away in the trees, there is a path where visitors can walk the Stations of the Cross, and visit the Piata and outdoor worship areas.


    Mount Assisi Gardens at the Schwab Estate

    Across from the main entrance to the University are the lush gardens of Mt. Assisi. Visitors can walk the Stations of the Cross under arbors of wisteria, sit quietly on a bench and ponder the goodness of God in nature, or light a candle at one of the two shrines.The gardens of the magnificent former Charles M. Schwab Estate (now Mount Assisi Friary) are open for public viewing. The Italian Renaissance style garden was created by Charles Wellford Leavitt Jr., a pioneering landscape engineer who also designed Forbes Field.


    Off Campus Places to Worship

    Embracing the fraith community

    Find local worship places, mass times, and in and around the Loretto area.

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