Renewable Energy Center

at Saint Francis University

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    A Cleaner Future

    You may have heard of the wind energy assistance we provide to communities, but at Saint Francis University's Renewable Energy Center (REC) we do more than that. In the spirit of Saint Francis, our commitment is to preserving the environment while serving the community.

    We  work to be a reliable and unbiased source for energy information for businesses, schools, policy makers, and communities.   We are committed to establishing high-quality, authentic, and accurate information to assist Pennsylvanians in making educated and sustainable energy choices.

  • Four Renewable Energies - Biomass - Geothermal - Hydro - Solar

    Start a Project

    If you are looking to install a renewable energy system, then this is the place to start! Learn how to analyze your energy situation, choose the right source for your needs, find funding, and more. Let our tips guide you on the path to a successful project.
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