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5 Signs you should be an Environmental Engineering Major

Choosing a major is tough. If you want to have a fulfilling career AND make a difference in the world, then keep reading... 

  • 1. You like searching for creative solutions to big problems.

    Many of the great challenges in the world today are environmental problems--things like water scarcity, climate change, and food security. We need new ideas to shape the future! The next generation of environmental engineers will need to be creative. If that sounds like you, your skills are needed. 

    CJ Spellman Water Sampling

    2. You have a drive to protect people and the environment.

    Environmental engineers work on solutions for pollution, energy consumption and emissions, land erosion, water treatment, and waste management. We strive to maintain the quality of our soil, water, and air, and to use our resources more efficiently and less destructively. The human population is over 7 billion and rising: the need for environmental engineers will continue to grow as population expands. 

    Protecting wildlife

    3. You like working outdoors and with plants, animals, and real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery.

    If you’d rather sit at a desk all day, this is not the career for you. You prefer projects that includes practical, hands-on problems and generating solutions that have big impacts on quality of life.

    Engineers in the field

    4. You like math and science but you want to see the practical application.

    You’ll need your hiking boots and your graphing calculator to be successful as an environmental engineer. We take the field data that we collect and use that data in calculations and designs to keep people and ecosystems safe from pollution.  


    5. You’re willing to do what it takes to do the job right.

    A lot hinges on the work that environmental engineers do. That means the job has to get done and it has to be right. If you have perseverance to carry a project out to completion, environmental engineering is a great career: a job well done and for a good purpose is very satisfying.

    Ashley Rovder project

    6. You pay attention to details.

    For example, you noticed that there are 6 items in a list that is titled "5 signs”.

    Engineer at wind turbine

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