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Dr. John J. Trimble

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    Position: Professor of Biology

    Department: Biology

    Office: Science Center 113

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    About Dr. John J. Trimble


    • B.S., Saint Francis College
    • Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
    • Post-Doctoral Research, Harvard Medical School


    • Courses Taught
    • Research
    • Professional Activity
    • Publications
    Courses Taught

    Courses Taught Include

    • BIOL 105 - Human Biology
    • BIOL 111 - Biology I
    • BIOL 214 - Clinical Microbiology
    • BIOL 214L - Clinical Microbiology Lab
    • BIOL 302 - General Microbiology
    • BIOL 302 - General Microbiology Lab
    • BIOL 401 - Cell and Molecular Biology
    • BIOL 401L - Cell and Molecular Biology
    • BIOL 402 - Evolution
    • BIOL 405 - Biochemistry
    • BIOL 412 - Virology
    • BIOL 430 - Advanced Molecular Methods
    • CORE 102 - Colloquium Courses
    • (topics include: AIDS, Risk, Crime and Punishment, Aging in America, and The Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of the Human Genome Project)

    Research interests

    Fluoroquinolone-induced tendopathy

    "These are exciting times to be a student of biology. Biotechnology and molecular biology techniques are transforming medicine, therapies for cancer, diagnostics for genetic and infectious diseases, and practically every field of biology from agriculture to zoology. My interest is to train our students, intellectually and with practical skills, to take part in these burgeoning fields of employment and advanced study."

    Current undergraduate research projects in

    • Sequencing of 16S ribosomal DNA from bacterial symbiotes of marine sponges

    Past undergraduate research projects in

    • RAPD Analysis of Genetic Diversity in an Endemic Freshwater Mollusk, "Ferrissia rivularis"
    • The Effect of Fluoroquinolone Therapy on Achilles Tendon Strength in Rats
    • Oral Chromium Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes in Zucker Fatty Diabetic Rats
    • Investigating Probiotic Product Claims and Antibacterial Pen Product Claims
    • The Chemoattraction of Sperm in C-fern Reproduction
    • Developing a Laboratory Exercise in Forensic Analysis of Blood Evidence
    Professional Activity

    Previous Positions

    • 2001-2004, Visiting Associate Professor (Summers and Sabbatical), Pennsylvania State University, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • 1996-1999, Visiting Scientist (Summers), Pennsylvania State University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    • 1990-1994, Research Scientist, Bristol Myers-Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Anti-Infective Virology, HIV Drug Discovery

    Professional Societies and Affiliations

    • Saint Francis University Honor Society
    • American Society for Microbiology (ASM) (since 1980)
    • Allegheny Branch of ASM (since 1995)
    • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (since 1983)
    • Faculty for the 21st Century (F21) in Project Kaleidoscope (since 2001)
    • Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR) (since 1997)


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    • Jianlin Xu, John J. Trimble, Lisa Steinberg, and Bruce E. Logan, Chlorate and nitrate reduction pathways are separately induced in the perchlorate-respiring bacterium Dechlorosoma sp. KJ and the chlorate-respiring bacterium Pseudomonas sp. PDA, Water Research, 38, 673-680, January 2004
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