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Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Experimental Learning

  • Laboratories

    PNGE program has established three labs for our undergraduate students. Our Rock Property Lab has multiple different equipment to drill core plug, to measure porosity, permeability, pore specific surface area, water saturation and surface tension, and to test rock mechanical properties. Our PVT Lab has a equipment to test the pressure, volume and temperature of fluids (oil, gas, water) under high pressure and high temperature. Our Drilling Fluids Lab can measure all the basic properties of drilling mud. Plus, we have the real drilling bit, pipeline centralizer, etc donated by oil and gas companies.

    Rock Property Lab

    PVT Lab

    Drilling Fluids Lab

    Professional Software Packages

    We have received donations from Schlumberger and IHS Ltd. to offer our powerful, valuable, and professional software packages for our teaching and academic research. We have enough licences to give all of our students access to these software packages. 

    Software Packages

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