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PNGE Undergraduate Research

  • The Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering program at SFU strongly encourage and support undergraduate students to involve in academic and industrial research projects. In these research projects, students have the opportunities to develop new skills, present their research results in national/international professional conferences, publish conference proceedings or peer-review journal articles, and meet external professors and industrial engineers. Our university, department and PNGE program have invested a lot in undergraduate student research by providing facilities, funding, etc.

    The Coming & Undergoing Undergraduate Student Research

    2017 Summer
    1. Marcellus Shale Elemental Analysis by X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), by Junior Zachary Rohland and John Sheesley; research advisor: Dr. Guochang Wang; funded by Office of Student Research, SFU
    2. Experimental Phase Behavior Analysis of Surfactant Flooding, by Sophomore Shannon Szymusiak and Freshman Desmend Philips; research advisor: Dr. Alireza Shahkarami; funded by Office of Student Research, SFU
    3. Analysis of Re-fracturing Candidates Selection Using Data Analytic Techniques, by Sophomore Jan Vit Suntar; research advisor: Dr. Alireza Shahkarami; funded by PNGE deparment, SFU
    4. Investigation of Additives on Drilling Mud Performance, by Freshman Guofang (Frank) Zheng; reserch advisor: Dr. Qin He; funded by Office of Student Research, SFU

    2017 Spring
    1. Undergraduate Research Grant-Magnetic Force Rotation System for Core Sample 3D Geometry Measurement, by Sophomore student Jonathan Bruno; research advisor: Gr. Guochang Wang; funded by Dean's Office, School of Science, SFU

    The Completed Undergraduate Student Research

    2016 Summer
    1. Fracturing Spacing Analysis, Freshman Gabrial
    2. Utica-Point Pleasant Shale TOC Content Prediction, by Freshman Jonathan Bruno; research advisor Dr. Guochang Wang; funded by Engineering Department, SFU

    2015 Summer
    1. Utica-Point Pleasant Shale Geological Modeling and Simulation, by exchanging undergraduate students Andre Augusto Paiva Barreiros, Bruna, Felipe De Oliveira Vasconcelos Torres, Henrique Treptow Weinberger, Isabela Magalhaes de Oliveira, Joao Gabriel Souza Davilla Tomaz, Luisa Nogueira de Azeredo C Soares, Raphaela Tabata Rabelo Freitas, Stiven Leite and Wesley Mendonca Guerra; research advisor Dr. Alireza Shahkarami and Dr. Guochang Wang; funded by Brazil Government.