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Philosophy and Religious Studies

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    Philosophy and Religious Studies at SFU

    Through your studies, you will come to "know yourself and the world around you." Our courses examine the deepest and most fundamental questions of human existence. As a student of Philosophy and Religious Studies, you will have the chance to think about these questions, thereby becoming more introspective and socially involved.

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    About Our Programs

    Why study Philosophy and Religious Studies at SFU?

    Our Philosophy faculty have expertise in discussions of the ethical issues in healthcare, business and public policy. We have specialties in philosophy of law, science, existentialism, American philosophy and symbolic logic as well as the logic of ordinary language.

    Religious Studies students at Saint Francis University explore the universal dimension of the religious experience as expressed through the Catholic-Christian faith, Franciscan tradition, and other world religions.

    Because we honor Saint Francis of Assisi, these studies emphasize simplicity, not technicalities. We respect faith while keeping an honest, humble, and humorous attitude toward the limitations of our minds. We maintain a positive vision of human nature, a profound respect for the background and destiny of each person and the respect for all living things which Saint Francis of Assisi taught us.

    These programs are a good place to study issues of peace and justice as well as the ethical issues of the environment. We examine ethical traditions that invite students to put their studies into action locally and globally.

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    Philosophy Program

    Philosophy Minors

    Is Philosophy for you?

    Philosophers study everything. Philosophy is a critical approach to all subjects, a comprehensive vision within which all other subjects are contained. To be critical means to examine carefully and cautiously and to be willing to change one's own beliefs. "Philosophy", from the Greek Aphilein and Asophia, "is the Alove of wisdom."

    Philosophers examine critically the most important questions in life: Does God exist? What is the meaning of life? What is truth? What is just? What should we think about the "tough" moral questions or abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment and animal welfare?

    Our Philosophy program offers:
    • A multi-disciplinary approach that places the study of philosophy in the context of our society by incorporating courses in history, sociology and political science.
    • Interactive student/instructor relationships with highly qualified faculty, offering access to a vast pool of practical experience.
    • Independent study programs that allow you to pursue areas of special interest while working closely with a faculty mentor.
    Religious Studies Program

    Religious Studies Minors

    Is Religious Studies for you?  

    Religious Studies students at Saint Francis University explore the universal dimension of the religious experience as expressed through the Catholic-Christian faith, Franciscan tradition, and other world religions.

    Our curriculum emphasizes the Franciscan Values of Higher Education by highlighting the centrality of religion and its influence on concepts from science and politics to fine arts and athletics, while examining social justice and ethical traditions that invite students to put their faith into action locally and globally.

    Religious Studies outcomes:
    • Relate Catholic and Franciscan historical, cultural, religious, and theological perspectives to contemporary issues;
    • Explain the history, culture, and theology of more than one major non-Christian religious tradition;
    • Evaluate foundational theoretical perspectives relating to the theological, social, ethical, and practical dimensions of religion;
    • Apply principles for making ethical decisions that promote peace, justice, and compassion for all of creation;
    • Demonstrate effective writing and communication skills.

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  • Testimonials

    lisa moser bartlett transparentLisa Bartlett (Moser) '12

    Physician Assistant for Armstrong Primary Care of Kittanning 

    "Going into medicine, Religious Studies was not my focus when I started at Saint Francis; however, it is because of courses in this discipline that I am fully equipped to provide holistic patient care. I had the privilege of attending Dr. Remillard's Franciscan Goals for Today class and then worked with him to develop a Compassionate Caregiving course.

    As an undergrad, these courses inspired in me a true heart of service and taught me how to be empathetic in patient interactions. These are skills I could not have gleaned from a medical textbook and continue to shape not only the care provider, but also the person I am today. "


    dennis ryan transparent.pngDennis Ryan

    Talent Acquisition Representative, FedEx Ground 

    "Studying religion and philosophy at Saint Francis University prepared me in life beyond a career. The courses taught me to challenge standard ways of thinking and how to apply these skills in writing.

    The opportunities I had to develop public speaking skills and mentoring from professors are a few of the experiences I credit in shaping my future. Overall, the RLST/PHIL department helped me build a framework for success in my professional and personal life post-graduation at SFU."