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Public Admin / Govt Service

  • Why Study Public Admin/Gov't Service

    Do you enjoy community service or volunteering? Do you have a passion for helping others? Do you like to solve problems? Do you want to improve your community and make life better for your fellow citizens? If so, then the public administration/government service major may be for you. 

    The public administration/government service major develops the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain civil society and provide for the needs of the public through service in federal, state, or local levels of government or non-profit community organizations. It is a multi-disciplinary program building on a political science core with collateral courses in statistics, the social sciences, the humanities, communications, management, marketing, finance, and accounting.

    Degree Options


      Public Admin/Gov't Service at SFU

      Our program is designed to help you develop to your full potential and these are some of the
      reasons why you should major in public administration/government service at SFU:

      Experiential learning: The program is built around experiential learning. Tying academic
      knowledge to real world experiences is vital to future career success. An internship is required
      to complete the degree and you will have opportunities to pursue internships from Harrisburg,
      PA to Washington, DC. On-campus leadership and community involvement opportunities are
      also available.
      Active learning: You should be engaged in your learning, not passive note-takers. The lecture
      has its place, but active learning is crucial to your development and growth. As such many of
      our classes emphasize classroom discussions, role-playing, simulations, debates, research
      presentations, moot courts, the use of social media, and field trips.
      Curriculum flexibility: The program requirements are flexible enough to permit you the
      opportunity to combine the major with a second major or minors from other disciplines,
      developing a coherent program of study. Minors or a second major in the fields of
      communications, management, marketing, finance, accounting, social work or criminal justice
      are excellent preparation for a career in the non-profit community or government service.

      Public Admin/Gov't Service Learning Objectives

      1. Critical Thinking: Students will develop the ability to think critically about information (e.g.,
      data or texts), theories, concepts, problems, issues, institutions and processes of American
      Politics, Government, Public Administration and Public Policy before accepting or formulating a
      position or conclusion or proposing a solution to a problem.
      2. Citizenship: Students will develop a deeper and fuller understanding of political processes,
      acquiring a solid conceptual foundation that can be built upon in their lives as citizens.
      3. Research Methods: Students will be able to use and explain research methods used in the
      discipline of political science and evaluate conclusions derived from these methods. Students
      will develop skills that include the ability to identify, locate and access sources of information,
      the ability to critically evaluate information, the ability to organize information to present a
      sound central idea in a logical order, and the ability to use the work of others accurately and
      4. Communication Skills: Students will demonstrate the necessary oral and written skills
      (English and Public Speaking) to convey their knowledge to others about political science or
      other appropriate topics.
      5. Ethics: Students will demonstrate familiarity with theorists and ethical frameworks that can
      help them make hard decisions, evaluate the policy decisions that public officials make on their
      behalf, and recognize the implications of these choices; Knowledge of reliable frameworks of
      principles will help students evaluate ambiguous facts and define behavior as “right” or “good.”

      Career Opportunities

      Majoring in public administration/government service at SFU can help you stand out in the job market and/or as you apply to graduate school. Your research experience, internships, student organizational involvement and skills will help to build career contacts and gain real-world experience. The public administration/government service major will prepare you for graduate school or government or non-profit employment in the following fields: 

      • Program management and administration
      • Finance and accounting
      • Budget analysis 
      • Community relations and fundraising
      • State, county, city management
      • Urban policy planning
      • Marketing and media relations
      • Program research and analysis
      • Survey research