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Academic Support Services

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    Even though some goals may seem hard to reach, you’ll always benefit if you reach higher than you think you need to. At Saint Francis, we have lots of academic support systems in place to help you reach those lofty goals.

    Academic Advising

    The Center for Academic Success provides a comprehensive advising program for first year students, including registration, adviser training and tracking of at-risk students. The center coordinates all scheduling for first-semester freshmen and transfer students as well as evaluates college transcripts for college-in-high-school or traditionally-earned college credits. For questions on scheduling and our first-year advising program, please contact

    Advising for all exploratory majors and other special populations are also provided by CAS. In addition, students that do not make progression standards in our professional majors are referred to the center. Students enjoy the friendly atmosphere and realize the invaluable help that is offered at CAS.

    Accessibility Services

    Saint Francis University is a community that welcomes and embraces students with physical and academic disabilities. Each disability is unique and for this reason, services are individually tailored to the needs of each student.

    The Coordinator of Academic Support and Accessibility Services is located in Scotus Hall. Please contact (814) 472-3176 or with questions or for more detailed information on available services.

    For more information, please review our Disability Services.


    The Center for Academic Success in Francis Hall provides five private testing rooms for students in need of a distraction-free environment for their exams. These rooms are electronically monitored and need to be reserved in advance. Additional accommodations are available as needed.  If a student has a documented learning disability, the student should contact the Academic Support and Accessibility Services Coordinator, Scotus Hall, (814) 472-3176.

    For more information, please review our Testing and Tutoring details.


    The Tutorial Services offered on campus are an important component of academic success. Qualified undergraduate tutors are available to all students at no charge. Tutorial sessions are offered in a centralized location, in our Tutoring Center on the 3rd floor of the Saint Francis University Library and Learning Commons. Students can schedule appointments in groups or come in to get help on an individual basis. Students in either the SAGE or OASIS programs can also use a set amount of tutoring hours as a substitute for mandatory study hours. Our tutoring program is certified through the International Tutor Certification Program sponsored by the College Reading and Learning Association.

    For more information, please review our Testing and Tutoring details.


    The program is designed for first-year students who, upon applying for admission, have demonstrated a need for academic support and whose secondary school records indicate potential for college success. Students in the program receive extra support for their academic and social transition to college. The program teaches and reinforces important academic skills, while also introducing them to services across campus that will help them succeed.

    For more information, please review our OASIS details.

    ACT 101

    The Act 101 Program was created as a result of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Equal Opportunity Act 101 in 1971 and focuses on serving undergraduate students in order to make the ideal of educational opportunity a reality for all qualified students. Support services include access to free textbooks through our lending library, assistance with class registration, free peer and group tutoring, workshops, and academic and career counseling. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, contact the Center for Academic Success to determine eligibility.

    For more information, please review our ACT 101 details.


    The SAGE Program is designed for students who are experiencing academic difficulties. The program provides students with a structured study environment for six hours weekly under the supervision of University faculty and staff who serve as their SAGE Coach.