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    Textbooks to T-Shirts: the SFU Bookstore

    The SFU Campus Bookstore, located in the lower level of the JFK Student Center is a favorite stop for students, staff, and alumni.

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    Now you can shop at the bookstore even if you can't make it to Loretto.

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    Everyone want to get the latest SFU gear! It is also where you can get those all-important textbooks, paper, and notebooks plus greeting cards, gift items, health and beauty products, and of course, SFU clothing. The University partners with Barnes and Noble College in operating the bookstore. Under the terms of the contract, our students have access to:

    • In-store and online textbook rentals. For the first time, students have the option of renting their textbooks, instead of purchasing them. This option is available to students both in the store and from the bookstore’s website. Students who opt for textbook rentals will save more than 50% over the cost of a new printed book.
    • Rapidly expanding selection of eTextbooks. In addition to offering savings of up to 60 % over a new printed book, Barnes & Noble’s revolutionary and free NOOK Study™application serves up eTextbooks in a rich and engaging format that enhances the learning experience.
    • Generous Cash for Books program. Books that faculty are reusing next term are eligible for a 50% cash payout, dependent upon needed inventories.
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