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Francis Worldwide: Criminal Justice Online Degrees

Earn your associate’s or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice online to become a successful practitioner in the field. Francis Worldwide is your lifelong learning gateway, offering fully online criminal justice programs for graduate and undergraduate students.
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      Convert Act 120 police training into transfer credits

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    • Convert Act 120 police training into transfer credits

    • 25% Military Discount Available

  • Associate's Criminal Justice Degree Online

    • Gain a more holistic understanding of the justice system.
    • Prepare for promotions and changes in rank. 

    Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Online

    • Understand the origins of criminal behavior in society.
    • Enhance problem-solving and decision making.
    • Demonstrate compassion and professionalism. 
  • Why Francis Worldwide for Your Criminal Justice Online Degree?

    Each graduate of our online criminal justice programs will have the highest sense of Franciscan values related to the respect and care for individual persons as well a strong appreciation for social justice, equality, and diversity among citizens regardless of their economic standing in society.

    Convert Act 120 police training into transfer credits

    25% Military Discount Available

    • Criminal Justice Online Degrees
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    Criminal Justice Online Degrees

    Our Programs

    Criminal Justice, A.S. - Course Catalog Major Requirements

    • 100% online criminal justice program through  Francis Worldwide. This degree will help police officers and other law enforcement professionals with a more complete understanding of the entire justice system and will help you prepare for promotions and changes in rank.

      Criminal Justice, B.S. - Course Catalog Major Requirements

      • The purpose of the Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice program is to provide the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary for preparing for careers and/or future advanced study in the three principal career domains: law enforcement and security, courts, and corrections.
      • The criminal justice online degree program enables students to demonstrate an understanding of the origins of criminal behavior, society's response to crime, and the consequences to our society through multiple perspectives. Students will possess the core competencies of successful practitioners in the Criminal Justice field, which includes critical and analytical thinking, effective writing and speaking, research skills, a capacity for reflective and informed problem-solving and decision making, and to demonstrate human compassion and professional presence. 
      • Also available on campus. Learn more.



        List of 20 Jobs You Can Get with a Criminal Justice Online Degree

        1. Probation Officer
        2. Forensic Science Technician
        3. Police Officer
        4. Corrections Officer
        5. Private Detective
        6. Fish and Game Warden
        7. Security Guard
        8. State Trooper
        9. Crime Scene Investigator
        10. Computer Forensics Specialist
        11. Fraud Investigator
        12. CIA Agent
        13. US Postal Inspector
        14. Immigration and Customs
        15. Enforcement Agent
        16. Blood Spatter Analyst
        17. Homicide Detective
        18. DEA Agent
        19. Secret Service Agent
        20. US Marshal

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        What alumni are saying about our criminal justice online degree program:

        • “The faculty will go great lengths to get you where you want to be and support you on your decisions … They’re willing to open their office for you at any time.”
        • “The classes were always fascinating, as were the discussions that took place in class.”
        • “I feel I have become a much deeper thinker, as well as a better person.”
        • “I definitely look at society differently. The major broadened my horizons.”