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    SFU welcomes students from all over the world to reach higher and go far. SFU offers small class sizes and state-of-the-art living and learning facilities in a beautiful, safe, and friendly setting. The Office of International Student Programs invites international students to enroll in our Intensive English Program as well as pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees in over 60 programs of study at SFU. In fact, this year marks the highest number of international students ever enrolled in the history of SFU. The Saint Francis community sees our international presence as an exciting opportunity; students, faculty, and staff have been embracing international diversity, as evidenced by the recent Multicultural Week Festival, and other social and academic events and initiatives that invite American students, faculty and staff to engage with international students. Over 100 international students from 25 countries consistently refer to SFU as "safe, friendly,enjoyable" and "a great place to study while enjoying trips to NewYork City, Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh."

    The mission of the Office of International Student Programs (ISP) is to welcome international students from around the world, and ensure their needs are met throughout their experiences in our Intensive English Program and the rest of their academic careers at SFU. The ISP works with SFU students, faculty and staff to support the overall success of our International Students. International Students at SFU receive personal and direct attention from the point of applying, arriving, orientation, on-campus housing, special trips and activities, and more.

    Currently the ISP is recruiting international students from around the world, searching for students of excellence from diverse backgrounds. We are also offering generous, new International Excellence scholarship awards! We are currently admitting students into our Intensive English Program as well as our traditional Undergraduate and Graduate programs.

    Our international students have gone on to become physicians, teachers, engineers, accountants, chemists, and environmentalists. SFU is proud to say that 97% of all SFU graduates move on to employment or graduate school within six months of graduation. They succeed in all walks of life because they expect a lot from Saint Francis University, and they receive it. As an international student you can expect a lot more from Saint Francis University than clean, mountain air. You can expect small class sizes, a safe and friendly value-centered atmosphere, and personal support before, during, and after you complete your degree at SFU.

    To discover more about Saint Francis University, we invite youto explore the links provided and visit our International Admissions Page. There's a certain "feeling" to the University that just doesn't come across in the information provided here, so please feel free to contact the Office of International Student Programsat so that we may assist you in your university selection process.

    Remember, how far you go in life depends a lot on how high you reach!


    Sam Heikinen
    Director, Office of International Student Programs

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