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The Marketing program at the Shields School of Business emphasizes a strong business core combined with advertising, consumer behavior, marketing research, international marketing and marketing management. 

  • MarketingWhat is Marketing 

    "Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value." - Philip Kotler

    Marketing is the process of communication and engaging consumers to provide quality and value of a product or service. Brands use marketing as a critical business function for strategically identifying the target market and consumers. 

    • Majors & Minors
    • Marketing B.S. + MBA
    • Career Opportunities
    • Marketing Curriculum
    Majors & Minors


    Many Marketing students double-major in Management to increase their marketability and career prospects. Learn more about double majoring >>


      Marketing B.S. + MBA

      Five-year Marketing to MBA Program, B.S.  - Course Catalog Major Requirements

      Students who wish to also complete their MBA can choose the "Five-Year Fast-Track" curriculum (requirements link above) and achieve both an undergraduate Marketing B.S. and a MBA in five years. 

      Career Opportunities

      Students are encouraged to participate in an internship for credit, through established relations with area businesses. The knowledge provided to students through the classroom and real world internship experiences will increase their value to employers. A marketing degree will prepare students for careers in sales, marketing research, advertising, retailing, and marketing management.

      Marketing Curriculum

      The Marketing program at Saint Francis University gives students the opportunity to learn this discipline in a small-class environment. Your professors don't just know your name, they know you. The program is designed to ensure that students have exposure to a broad base of knowledge in Marketing, delivered by professors who have a wide range of real-world professional experience. Our students apply theoretical frameworks to actual practice through the client-consultant model in capstone courses, where students work directly with community partners. We are also a collegiate member of the American Marketing Association, which provides networking, professional development, and competitive case study opportunities for students. Our faculty work closely with students in small-group settings and focus on preparing them for their future careers. The program emphasizes a strong business core combined with advertising, brand management, consumer insight, global marketing strategy, integrated marketing, marketing management, and marketing research. 

      Marketing Course Catalog