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  • Mission Statement

    A Mind for Excellence

    Saint Francis University offers higher education in an environment guided by Catholic values and teachings, and inspired by the example of our patron, Saint Francis of Assisi. The oldest Franciscan institution of higher learning in the United States, Saint Francis University is an inclusive learning community that welcomes all people.

    A Spirit for Peace and Justice

    University programs and activities foster such Franciscan values as a humble and generous attitude toward learning, respect for diversity and the uniqueness of individual persons, understanding of ethical issues, and reverence for all life. With a spirit of simplicity and joy, we provide opportunities for the University community to think critically and analytically, communicate effectively, and integrate theory and practice.

    A Heart for Service

    Saint Francis University offers undergraduate programs in the liberal arts tradition, graduate and professional programs of study that emphasize personal and professional ethics, and continuing education opportunities for personal and career enhancement. We seek to inspire in all members of the University community a love of lifelong learning and a commitment to share their gifts and skills generously with others in a rapidly changing world.

    Core Values and Guiding Principles

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    Educational Philosophy

    Saint Francis University is committed to transmitting the knowledge, culture, and values of the past, not as historical curiosities, but as vital factors in facing the realities of life in the 21st century. The University confronts students with the full force of developments taking place in all aspects of modern life, challenging them to draw on the experiences of their predecessors while helping them to chart a realistic course for the future—their own and that of society.


    Saint Francis University is a Catholic university of choice for undergraduate and graduate students, nationally recognized for its Franciscan mission and goals, its academic excellence and its vibrant student life co curriculum. The University places particular emphasis on developing individuals who will lead or serve with character and values in their chosen professions and communities.

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