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Sustainability Individual Efforts

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  • What can you do?

  • Turn it off

    Turn off the lights when you leave the room or when natural lighting is sufficient. Plug office equipment into power strips so you can hit one button, shut everything off, and save energy and money.

    Climate Control

    Set the temperature in your room or office on a moderate setting. When possible, turn it down when you leave for an extended period of time (e.g. - overnight or weekends).


    Get a little exercise and use the stairs when possible. Elevators consume electricity but your legs don't.

    Shorten your shower

    Try to take shorter showers. The less hot water you use, the less energy is needed to heat the water.

    Lighten up

    Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient, compact fluorescent or LED lights. The life span of these light bulbs is 8 times as long or more as regular light bulbs. Save on electricity and on having to always buy new light bulbs.

    Wasteful windows

    Use windows wisely! If your room or office is too hot, adjust the thermostat rather than opening the window. If you need some fresh air, turn off the heat or AC.

    Let the sunshine in!

    Arrange your office or dorm room so that nothing is obstructing the window. Use natural lighting during the day and make sure to turn off all lights when leaving a room. Not just in your office but in the restrooms, classrooms, and lounges as well.

    Give it a rest

    Set your computer to sleep after ten minutes of activity. Screensavers DO NOT conserve energy - but stand-by and hibernate do! Go to the control panel on your computer, select Power Options, then select "Maximum Battery Life" or whatever the highest efficiency setting is.

    Shop 'til you drop

    Vote with your dollars for a cleaner, healthier world. Shop until you drop.... your impact on the environment. Always buy Energy Star appliances and electronics, organic foods, organic cotton, Fair Trade items, and other products that limit packaging, are "natural" and free from unnecessary chemicals - and always bring your own bag.

    Watch your backside

    Reuse the backside of paper when printing and making copies - or taking notes, writing letters, etc.

    Create an antique envelope

    Use/reuse interoffice envelopes. Use them for so long they become antiques!

    Just say no

    Say no to junk mail and consumer catalogs by removing your name from mailing lists. You can remove your name by going to or

    Share a ride

    Carpool when possible. Meet new people, enjoy great conversation and music... and split the gas bill.