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    Editor’s Note

    One of my former professors, a gifted lecturer whose booming voice contrasted so sharply with his diminutive appearance that he caused a few of my classmates to jump the first day of class, regaled my peers and me with his astute analyses of literature, art, philosophical essays, and even films and television programs. In art there is truth, he often punctuated his lectures, adding that only when one sees such truth in perfect light, just as that artist or writer had presented it, will he accept truth’s grace and be changed by it. Sometimes this truth slips into the individual’s mind so soundlessly and efficiently that he barely feels it at first. At other times, my professor conceded, embracing new truth can be a daunting prospect, especially when that truth seems immense and impervious, like staring into a roiling sea and not believing that there can actually be a bottom to the whole thing.

    We constantly search for truth, for that greater understanding of the world and our purpose in it that promises to carry us from one stage of life to the next. My former professor believed, as do I, that the best place to look for truth is in the things we create to capture it. We get truth from ourselves—the things we write, sketch, sculpt, and photograph—and share this truth with one another in our artistic renderings, as the writers and artists whose work comprises this latest volume of Tapestries have done.

    Their stories and poems and artwork tell us so many truths about the world. They tell us that the human heart is as frail and brittle as a ceramic sculpture; that beauty is quiet and pale and noiseless as a pine; that a mother’s abandonment of her child may render the child flightless but not loveless; that hope can be found at the top of a skyscraper.

    Francis Bacon compared truth to a pearl, for its pure and simple beauty is unmarred by even the harshest light and it requires no special decorations or ornamental settings: Truth “showeth best by day.”
    In art is truth.

    And in truth, to flip around my professor’s words, is great art—luminous orbs of transcendent art.

    Enjoy this collection of artful truths.


    Dr. Brennan Thomas


  • Writing

    Cecelia MacDonald
    9   Character by Character
    62   Just Don't Stare

    Sydney Stankus
    15   Fuzzy Versus Fussy

    Amanda Johnson
    19   Plato Takes the MCAT (2nd Place Winner)  

    Rebecca Larkins
    23   Elizabeth Bennet and Social Etiquette in Pride and Prejudice

    Stacey Edmiston
    27   The Secret in the Garden: An Analysis of “Twickenham Garden” and “The Merchant’s Tale”

    April Taylor
    32   Logotherapy: Validated or Fabricated?

    Samantha Dilling
    37   Visiting Hours
    40   Forms of Poetry (3rd Place Winner)
    59   The Golden State
    66   Silver Bullet

    Jordan Gorsuch
    47   Open Doors (4th Place Winner)

    Logan Patterson
    55   My Reason

    Tara Fritz
    69   All the Summers of Your Life (1st Place Winner)

  • Artwork

    Rebekah Hughes
    8   Mountain Views
    68   Psalm 40:5

    Ashley Creamer
    14   Kirsten Graffiti
    54   Window Art

    Chelsie Adams
    18   Among the Pines
    44   Exposed

    Connor Mullan
    21   The Real Heart

    Stacey Edmiston
    22   Purple Shield

    Megan Pfeil
    26   A Sun Rises in the Morning

    Katie Sheperd
    29   The Fall of Eve
    65   Nightlife>

    Emily Hurley
    31   Given

    Gabrielle Townsend
    36   Rosaries: Parma, Italy

    Danielle MacMurtrie
    39   Consumed
    46   The Challenger

    Yuze Wang
    50   Perplexity
    56   A Moment of the City

    Breanna Kochinsky
    57   Bus Stop
    62   Snowy Lane
    67   Urban Italy

    Christopher Evans
    58   Water Droplets

    Hannah Cole
    61   The Plains

    Lindsey Farrell
    64   Elleanna

    Aaron Vizzini
    75   Glen Coe Highlands

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