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ASL Club

  • ASL Club at SFU

    The ASL Club is a vibrant student organization who enjoys working with the Deaf community to create awareness of Deaf Culture and American Sign Language!  One of the first steps in breaking down walls of oppression or discrimination is to create awareness. Many people have few experiences with a person from the Deaf community and often view deafness as a disability.  The Club, with support from the Deaf Community spreads awareness and allows people to realize that Deaf individuals are highly successful  just like any hearing person.

    Program of Study

    Find out more information about our ASL Minor at SFU

    Some of our most recent events include

    • Sign Jam 2015 - Sign Jam is a great event in which the club invites Mr. Rodney Watson to come to Saint Francis and share his talents of adding sign language to songs. Everyone is welcome to come and learn the signs and dance moves to the song chosen. This has been a very successful event for the past two years. It is CES approved and the event had 195 individuals attend in the fall semester and 189 attend in the spring semester. This event is sponsored by General Education.
    • Sign Day 2016 - Sign Day is day in which children from elementary school to high school age students are invited to come to the JFK here at Saint Francis to spend a day learning American Sign Language. A variety of persons from the Deaf community as well as club members and students volunteer to lead different sessions throughout the day. Again this was an excellent way to spread awareness of ASL and the Deaf community. This year we had 200 participants.
    • Potato Fest in Ebensburg – The ASL Club volunteered their time to sell Gosia’s Pierogies at Ebensburg Potato Fest this fall. 
    • Gosia’s Pierogie Sale – Gosia's Pierogie's is a Deaf owned pierogie business whom came on campus during lent on a Friday. This was a fund-raiser for the club that raised $250. It was also an excellent opportunity to spread Deaf awareness.
    • Hearing Loss Diversity Panel – General Education and the ASL Club supports The Hearing Loss Diversity Panel in which a variety of individuals who may be Deaf or hard of hearing. The individuals range from using pure American Sign Language to Pigeon Signed English to no sign language. The panel also addresses the views of cochlear implants and many other perspectives regarding the Deaf community.
    • The ASL Club participated in the Ebensburg Dickenson’s Parade on December 1st. The club joined a member of the Deaf community, Bob. The club members made a sign for the parade and passed out candy bars with labels on them that spread the awareness of the sign language and the opportunity to minor in ASL at Saint Francis University. 
    • Some club members also participated in a “Cabaret Night” at Altoona Area High school in memory of Doreen Fogle. The event was to raise money to create a scholarship in honor of Doreen Fogle. The club members performed a song with sign language. 
    • Hoodies – As a fundraiser, the ASL Club designed and sold hoodies.  There are several hoodies remaining for purchase. 
    • Lip Dub – The ASL Club participated in the first lip dub done at SFU this Spring. We were “glad we came!” 

    Other recognitions

    • The ASL Club has also received Nomination for Outstanding Organization through the Student Government Association
    • ASL Honor Society: SFU officially has a chapter of the ASL Honor Society.
    • The ASL club is using their funds to sponsor a Deaf person to come to the Dominican Republic trip with us. The club will donate $1000 for this person to come on the trip. The benefit of this is that it is important to a member of the Deaf community help lead us during anytime we are reaching out to serve Deaf individuals. It is difficult to properly serve in a community if you do not have some understanding of the culture. So having a Deaf individual travel with us will help us to better serve and learn.