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Ivan J. Mulligan PT, DSc, SCS, ATC, CSCS

Mulligan, Ivan

Title: Chair, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, Faculty Coordinator, Athletic & Orthopedic Health & Wellness Director, Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program
School: Health Sciences
Academic Department: Physical Therapy
Phone: 814-472-3989
E-mail: imulligan@francis.edu
Office Location: Stokes Athletic Center 229
Additional Contact Information: fax: 814-472-3140


  • BS, Education, California University of Pennsylvania
  • MPT, Physical Therapy, Gannon University
  • DSc, Sports Physical Therapy, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
  • Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy (SCS)
  • Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) 
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)


Dr. Mulligan came to Saint Francis in 2007 after working in outpatient physical therapy in Johnstown for 12 years. Dr. Mulligan initiated a sports medicine program providing outreach athletic training services to local high schools as well as initiating and co-developed injury prevention programs and preseason conditioning programs for 10 different sports. In 2002, Dr. Mulligan was selected as a volunteer physical therapist for the Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah. He provided services in the Olympic Village and the long track speed skating venue. Dr. Mulligan provided physical therapy services for the Johnstown Johnnies, a frontier league baseball team, in 2003.

Clinical, Research, and Teaching Activities

Research Activities

  • Health Policy (cost effective care, medical policy related to insurance reimbursement, best practice in examination and treatment)
  • Treatment programs for athletic performance
  • Examination and treatment in athletes with concussion
  • Examination and treatment for musculoskeletal injuries including post-surgical limitations

Teaching Activities

  • PHTH 440 Research I
  • PHTH 541 Research II
  • PHTH 542 Research III 
  • PHTH 543 Research IV
  • PHTH 544 Research V

Clinical Activities

  • Director of sports Residency Program
  • Faculty Coordinator - Athlete Health and Wellness 
Professional Memberships
  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
    • PA delegate to the APTA House of Delegates (2009-2013)
    • Sports Section 
    • Orthopedic Section
    • Research Section
    • Education Section
    • Health Policy Section
  • Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association (PPTA)
    • Payment Policy and Advocacy Committee member (2014)
    • President (2009 - 2013)
    • Treasurer (2002-2008)
    • Westcentral District Chair (1999-2002)
  • National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA)
  • Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society (PATS)
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
Publications and Presentations

Peer Reviewed Publications


  • Mulligan IJ, Boland MA, McIlhenny CV.  The balance error scoring system learned response among young adults. Sports Health. 2013;5(1):22-26.  
  • Boland M, Mulligan I, PayetteJ, Serres J, O’Hara R, Maupin G.  A novel cryotherapy compression wrap in the management of acute ankle sprains:potential use for special operators on the battlefield.  J SpecOper Med. 2012;12(4):17-23.    
  • Mulligan IJ, Boland M, Payette J. Prevalence of neurocognitive and balance deficits in collegiate aged football players without clinically diagnosed concussion. JOSPT. 2012;42(7):625-32. 
  • Mulligan IJ, Biddington, WB, Barnhart BD, Ellenbecker TS.  Isokinetic Profile of Shoulder Internal and External Rotators of High School Aged Baseball Pitchers.  J Strength Cond.  2004;18(4):861-866. 


Peer Reviewed Scientific and Professional Presentations


  • Meisel  C, Mulligan I, Hutchinson BL, Boland MA,Harrington S.  Can patient- rated outcome measurements predict shoulder impairments in female collegiate swimmers?Presented at the APTA- Combined Sections Meeting, Las Vegas, NV. February 2014. 
  • Blahovec Z, Morson S,Muner D, Scheuer T, Schuller A, Sprouse L, Mulligan I.  The possible effects of a learned response onthe Cleveland Clinic Concussion (C3) Application in College-Aged Subjects.  Presented at the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference. Champion, Pa. October 2013. 
  • Trice SM, Mulligan IJ. The effects of immobilization on restoring full active knee flexion range of motion in a division I basketball player post-anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Presented at the APTA-Combined Sections Meeting, San Diego, CA January 2013. 
  • Covert K, Gaston N, Gongloff K, Casale M, Flannigan K, Mulligan I. A Case-Based Survey of Various Rehabilitative Health Care Professionals in the Diagnostic Process of Musculoskeletal Injuries-Knee Injuries. APTA Annual Conference, Tampa Bay, Fl; 2012.
  • Covert K, Gaston N, Gongloff K, Casale M, Flannigan K, Mulligan I.  A Case-Based Survey of Various Rehabilitative Health Care Professionals in the Diagnostic Process of Musculoskeletal Injuries- Ottawa Ankle Rules.  APTA Annual Conference, Tampa Bay, Fl;2012. 
  • Payette J, Mulligan I. Abnormal Recovery of a Post-concussed Division I Collegiate Football Player.  APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Chicago, Il;2012. 
  • Beck J, Mulligan I. ACL reconstruction of a DI soccer player with post-surgical dynamic stability weakness of the hip and knee joint.  APTA Combined Sections Meeting, San Diego, CA;2011.  
  • Beck J, Boland M, Mulligan IJ.  Identification of Long Term Prevalence of Fall Risk in Patients Following Total Joint Replacement.Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference. Harrisburg, Pa;2010.  
  • Mulligan IJ, Patterson RE, Weaver RF.  The Validity of selected clinical tests to predict the potential risk for anterior cruciate ligament injury in female collegiate athletes versus isokinetic strength testing.  Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference. Champion, PA; 2009.  
  • Mulligan IJ, Simmons KM, Burkett JC,Papini JR, Smith RJ, Scarola SG.  The effect of muscle imbalance between internal and external shoulder impingement and spike velocity in division I college volleyball players.  Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference. Harrisburg, Pa; 2009. 
  • Mulligan IJ, Beck J, Dodson B, Fitzgerald P, Fonseca B, Gmiter D, Kindel C, Woodward D. A comparison of weight training and plyometrics on power strength agility, and speed Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference. Pittsburgh, Pa;2008. 
  • Mulligan IJ, Allison L, Fitzgerald P, Freet K, Hmel B, Johns C.  Effects of a four week strength training program on High School baseball pitchers:  a pilot study. Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference. Pittsburgh, PA; 2008.  
  • Mulligan IJ, Biddington WB, Barnhart BD, Ellenbecker TS.  Effects of Posterior Shoulder Strength on Isokinetic Strength and Throwing Velocity in High School Aged Pitchers.  Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference. Harrisburg, Pa;2004.  
  • Mulligan IJ, Biddington WB, Barnhart BD, Ellenbecker TS. Prevalence of Posterior Shoulder Weakness in High School Aged Baseball Pitchers and the Effects on Performance.  Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference. Harrisburg,Pa; 2004. 
  • Mulligan IJ, Farabaugh C, Ronan W.Relationship Between Lower Extremity Functional Testing and Velocity in Baseball Pitching. Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference.  Harrisburg, PA;2000. 


Non-Peer Reviewed Presentations

  • Mulligan I, Boland M. Current concepts for the physical therapist treating concussions.  West Central District Meeting, Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association. September 11, 2012.  
  • Mulligan I. Concussion legislation in Pennsylvania. APTA- State Policy and Payment Forum. Austin, Tx. September 29, 2011.    
  • Mulligan I, Boland. Medical Screening for Physical Therapy Practice, Cambria/Somerset Health Council. September 17-18, 2011.
  • Mulligan I.  Relationship of the hip and ankle in knee injuries. Athlete Health and Wellness Symposium. Saint Francis University. May 14,2011. 
  • Mulligan I. Current Issues in Physical Therapy Practice.  Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association.  Champion, PA.  October 23, 2009. 


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