Madeline Berry | Saint Francis University
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Madeline Berry

  • Berry First DestinationNever let the past determine your future, unless you’re Madeline Berry. Madeline graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in History, and is currently an AmeriCorps Environmental Steward with the Cambria County Conservation District.  Her history background allows her to cultivate an awareness of current environmental problems and their connection to the past, which provides her with a unique perspective on climate issues.  Always looking forward, but with a passion for the past, she is currently applying to graduate schools so she can continue to study history. 

    The Cambria County Conservation District educates and assists the public through programs, projects and leadership in the stewardship of natural resources to sustain and enhance the quality of life throughout the county. Madeline helps the District provide expertise in soil erosion control, woodland management, wetlands protection and abandoned mine reclamation for landowners and homeowners. They also offer unique education programs such as the Envirothon, poster contest, outdoor education activities, and nature presentations to assist educators.

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