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    Is Marketing for you?

    Marketing is the process of communicating and interacting with consumers to provide the value of a product or service, with the intention of selling the product or service. Businesses use marketing as a critical business function for attracting the right market and customers. A marketing plan is created to understand the type of market you want to target and your competitive position in that market. The marketing process includes planning and executing the product or service, pricing, promotion and distribution.

    Degree Options

    Marketing Majors

    Marketing Minor

    Why study Marketing at SFU?

    The Marketing program at Saint Francis University gives students the opportunity to learn marketing in a small class environment. Your professors will not just know your name, they will know YOU! The program is designed to ensure that students have exposure to the broad base of knowledge in Marketing from professors who have a wide range of real world professional experience. This allows students to relate theoretical concepts to actual practice. Faculty will work closely with students or in small group settings to maintain a constant focus on preparing students for their future careers. The program emphasizes a strong business core combined with advertising, consumer behavior, marketing research, international marketing and marketing management.

    Career Opportunities

    Students are encouraged to participate in an internship for credit, through established relations with area businesses. The knowledge provided to students through the classroom and real world internship experiences will increase their value to employers. A marketing degree will prepare students for careers in sales, marketing research, advertising, retailing, and marketing management.

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