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Michael Cosh Profile

  • Michael Cosh ProfileMeet Dr. Michael Cosh ‘95, a 2017 winner of an Arthur S. Flemming Award , a national award given to federal government employees who are committed to public service. Using satellites to improve soil moisture measurements, Cosh’s research allows for better crop yield, and wildfire projections, as well as improvements in predicting weather.

     As a Research Hydrologist, Dr. Cosh is a major contributor to NASA’s Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission and ESA’s Soil Moisture Ocean Salinity mission. His research led to a data set for the verification of an essential climate variable. The application of this research includes the monitoring of agricultural water use in water-insecure regions.

    Dr Cosh fieldworkDr. Cosh earned his B.A. in the 3+2 Engineering program at Saint Francis University and is currently on the SFU engineering advisory board helping our engineering students prepare for their careers after graduation. He has fond memories of attending Saint Francis University. His well-rounded education has helped him in his career. “My foundation in liberal arts helps me each day to understand others’ concerns and perspectives, and to work toward a solution to the various problems we face.”