Alumni Association

of Saint Francis University

  • Our Alumni Community

    Saint Francis University is a vibrant community embodying the spirit of our patron, St. Francis of Assisi. The University appreciates its varied constituencies, including alumni, by applying its mission, vision and Franciscan values to all aspects of its culture. In particular, the University recognizes the very special relationship it has with its alumni, and the importance of expanding and deepening alumni interactions with the University. As such, the University supports the Saint Francis University Alumni Association, which operates as an autonomous unit within the University’s organizational structure.

    The Alumni Association

    The Association is guided by the following Mission, Core Values and Vision in its relationships and interactions.


    • Promote and strengthen lifelong relationships with the worldwide Saint Francis community through communication, activities and services.

    Core Values

    • Knowledge, understanding and appreciation for our Franciscan values and heritage
    • An active partnership with Saint Francis University alumni serving and supporting each other
    • Preserving the connection with the Saint Francis University community (alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends).


    • A network of alumni engaged in supporting each other and acting to advance Saint Francis University.
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