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Double Majors at the Shields School of Business

Double majoring at the Shields School of Business is a popular option among students. Graduating with multiple business degrees adds relevant skill sets to your resume, which makes you a more marketable candidate to employers. In many cases you can complete your double major in four years.

  • Double major if you want to...

    1. Make the most of your time at SFU. Advisors at the Shields School of Business will go above and beyond to schedule your curriculum so you can achieve your chosen degrees as quickly as possible. Students often finish in four years.

    2. Stretch your tuition to the max. There is no additional tuition fee to add a major. You will be charged for only one major, regardless how many  you choose. 

    3. Increase your marketability and potential earnings. Students who have multiple business degrees show employers they are willing to learn. Their skill set is enhanced and they often earn more money throughout their careers.

    4. Earn your Masters degree fast. Undergraduate students have the option to complete their graduate degree (MBA degree,  MHRM degreeOnline MBA or Online MHRM) within five years.

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    Popular Double Majors

    At the Shields School of Business at Saint Francis University, you will have the opportunity to earn degrees in the following double majors within four years, greatly increasing your job prospects.

  • Accounting + Finance

    Accounting and Finance are complimentary financial disciplines. Wherever you plan to practice finance, a thorough understanding of accounting principles and financial statements is imperative. Likewise, in all areas of accounting including private, public, and governmental, a strong background in the finance function can be a true differentiator.  

  • Accounting + M.I.S.

    The innovative power of information systems has revolutionized accounting, as it has every major industry. Earning a double major in Accounting and Management Information Systems (MIS) will give you competitive edge in IT auditing. The combination is powerful enough to qualify students for many different positions in the IT and accounting industries. 

  • Management + Marketing

    While the study of  Management or  Marketing qualifies students for many positions within the business world, double majoring in both greatly increases opportunities. A deep understanding of both of these foundational business disciplines creates a well-rounded business professional that can strategically manage business resources in various industries.